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Codes... [Apr. 15th, 2004|01:17 pm]
District En Ligne
[mood |lazylazy]

Shopbop from today to Sunday. $25 off $100 using "TAXBREAK04".

Active Endeavors is 25% off this month using "LuckyMag".

Revolve Clothing is matching that 25% off and the code for that is "AD25".

You can find more codes here, although they may or may not have expired.

Also, you can get 20% off with "luckymag" as the code at: www.mayaswimwear.com & www.incagirl.com.

25% off with "luckymag" at www.maliamills.com, www.bramasole.com, www.pattilynnpoolwear.com, & www.swimwearexpresss.com.